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ArtBilities Project


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ArtBILITIES: Everyone is an artist, it is a project framed in the Erasmus + program, whose objective is to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe by providing opportunities to study, practice and exchange training experiences abroad.

The general objective of the project is the inclusion of young people with functional diversity through art and creative expression. It seeks to work on stigma, isolation, social exclusion and the difficulty of access to the cultural and artistic world through awareness, empowerment, creation of participatory spaces, the approximation of cultural and artistic activities that will generate a horizontal methodology and based on capacity and citizen participation.

This purpose is very innovative because:
• It uses and promotes culture and art as a means of empowerment
• It applies expressive methodologies in which each one has different capacities / abilities with the same level of participation
• It goes beyond disability, seeks to share the capacities
• It increases visibility as it helps to overcome the fear caused by ignorance; It pretends to make people understand that people are just people and that differences are resources, not problems.

This project will result in a Guide to ArtIBILITIES Methodology and ArtIBILITIES Video documentary, which will be the summary of the two years of the project.

In addition, this ArTBILITIES online platform will serve as a support for the exchange and dissemination of projects related to art and groups with disabilities.


• Participants: people with different skills, culture professionals, artists and other stakeholders and involved in the creative process, also indirectly families.
• The general public, achieving awareness of society.
• Exchange of tools and methodologies between different entities. The idea is for each entity to share its experience in 1 or 2 artistic disciplines (music, theater, painting, sculpture, dance, etc.) and all of them can be enriched.
• Promotion of young local artists (with and without disabilities).

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