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Theater is one of the branch of performing arts, that is presenting stories to the audience through plays - using speech, gestures and movements, sound- and visual effects, often involving other means of arts, such as music, dance and visual art.

Theater is much more than what can be seen on the stage. It includes a whole world behind the scenes, baqsed on based on a cooperation of people: beside actors, the performances are created also with the contribution of play writers, directors, assistants, costume makers, technicians, etc.

Theater is not just a way to entertainment when the people as audience are the passive recipients of culture, but it is a well-usable method in non-formal education nowadays. There are several techniques ( e.g. Forum theater, drama, live action role play, street theater, pantomim etc.) we can use in youth work in order to empower young people and improve their competences. Theater methods used in non-formal education, social and youth work are based on active participation and involvment of people, so they can experience soemthing new: process of creation, acting and how to express their ideas to the audience.

Because theater is an active and attractive way of arts, it is a useful tool for spreading messages, showing personal or social issues and for raising people’s awareness in different topics.

With the power of art the following skills and competences will be developed of the participants:

By acting the people step out from their comfort-zone, deepen in topics which are important for them and the society, think on solutions by putting them in other’s situation.

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