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'A Whisper in the Landscape'

Landart Fundación Ramón Rey Ardid

The exhibition 'A Whisper in the Landscape', inaugurated on August 29, 2018, has been an intervention of six areas of the Portico space of the Aragonese Institute of Contemporary Art and Cultures Pablo Serrano, guided by the artist Nacho Arantegui for approximately two years. the temporary exhibitions of the Pablo Serrano de Zaragoza IAACC that can be visited until September 23 nd. The six spaces that can be contemplated in this exhibition are: 'A whisper in the landscape'; 'Trees of light'; 'Field notes'; 'The Wounds of the Trees'; and 'Luminescent compositions 1 and 2'.

To open the ceremony was attended by the Director of the IAACC Julio Ramón and the general director of Innovation, Equity and Participation of the Government of Aragon, Toni Martínez.

The show was preceded by a dance by the Danza Pares Sueltos company. Through dance, part of the artists have formed the figure of a tree, which was nothing more than an allegory of the union and the struggle for social integration and participation in the art of people with functional diversity.

Nacho Arantegui explained at the opening that it was initially a Land Art project in which the relationship of people with natural environments and the objective is the introduction into the nearby natural landscapes to "dialogue and harmonize with them and thus play and create the work of art", for which they collected materials from nature with which they subsequently worked.

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