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Arte de tú a tú

Painting Fundación Ramón Rey Ardid

"Arte de tú a tú" wants to eliminate labels. We do not want it to be called Outsider Art -art made by people with mental illnesses, marginal or outside of society-, simply what we develop will be ART.

It is not a tutorial or a project of a teacher with a pupil. It is a collaboration between artists.

The project has begun between the artist Sergio Muro and the artist Sergio Royo. Wanting to create joint works, where each of the creators contribute their style and vision, thus intervening in the piece that his partner has made. Creating a collective and totally unique and hybrid work. At the same time, each one develops his own personal work.

In this project the diffusion and exhibition are fundamental, and part of the effort will be to present these works in galleries or contemporary centers of art at a national level, together with publications.

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