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Elda : Hi everybody, we are Italian high school students taking part in the Artbilities TRAMES project in the Erasmus Plus programme and we are going to talk about inclusion through dance. My name is Elda

Giulia: And I am Giulia

Elda: So Giulia why is dance a form of art?

Giulia: Because with art you can express your feelings and dance with the movement of the body you can expresses yourself and your sensations. It also leads to an interaction, to a multicultural dialogue.

Elda: Why is dance considered an instrument of inclusion?

Giulia: Because it is a common point for lots of people who can interact with each other. It is a common language and brings people together.

Elda: Today we have the great opportunity to appreciate this type of art with the International day of Dance.

Giulia: Sure, it is a very special day dedicated to this activity which includes lot of events all around the world.

Elda: What are the goals of this day?

Giulia: First to promote dance, then to make people aware of the value of dance in all its forms. But also to enjoy it and share it with other people and at last to enable the dance community to promote their work so that the governments can support it.

Elda: Good. And what are the most important events?

Giulia: For this occasion the International Dance Day Celebration happens in the Gran Teatro Alicia Alonso in Havana, Cuba.

Elda: It is a very huge event. I know that each year some famous dancer and choreographer gave a message.

Giulia: Yes, five, one for each continent. Salia Sanai a dancer from Burkina Fasu sais that dance is an opportunity and can invent and reinvent itself. It is reflection of cultures and traditions.

Elda: Do you agree with her?

Giulia: Yes, I think that dance is important to conserve in people their tradition, so that can say that they are a member of a society.

Elda: I agree with you and I hope that with this day people can learn more about dance and about it goal. I hope you to enjoy today.

Giulia: Me too.

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