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DELYRAMUS: a multisensory experience with ancient music

Music Fundación Ramón Rey Ardid

Fundación Rey Ardid and Muslyramus (Escuela de Violeros de Zaragoza) have previous background working together since 2 years ago. Taking into the need of going outside of Espacio Visiones (one of the Mental Health centre of Fundación Rey Ardid focused exclusively on artistic and cultural activities) to visit creative normalize spaces and the good experience from the last visits the Escuela de Violeros raised the collaboration between both entities to carry out a project with commitment and weekly often.

This project allowed to involve the users of the Espacio Visiones of the Mental Health Area of the Rey Ardid Foundation and the students of the Violeros School in the creation (design and construction) of a multisensory instrument. The design and construction part was developed in the facilities of the School of Violeros of Zaragoza, using the same materials, tools and procedures as the old violeros. Thus, mental health users acquired new skills in the art of violeros work and students of The School of Violeros acquired skills in working with people of this collective at risk of exclusion, therefore the project has been a benefit and mutual learning.

It is a multisensory instrument created, called RATATRANTA. From the beginning of the phase of designit it is thought for being used by all kinds of people regardless of their condition or diversity. The instrument is played lying on it -introducing the head through a hole, as if it were a massage table- and it transmits vibrations to the whole body. During 2018, RATATRANTA will visit all types of entities and centers so that they can work with him and different collectives. In the first session it will be accompanied by the users who have created it so they can explain its operation and benefits.


Due to the innovation of the project, the public presentation of the instrument in Zaragoza was a highlight news in important European digital newspapers and social media.




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