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Land art experiences

Landart Fundación Ramón Rey Ardid

Land Art Spain is a project whose objectives include the inclusion of young people with functional diversity through art and creative expression. The objective is to work on stigma, isolation, social exclusion and difficulty accessing the cultural and artistic world through sensitization, empowerment, the creation of participatory spaces, the approximation of cultural and artistic activities that will generate a methodology Horizontal and based on capacity and citizen participation.

It is based on the development of a course with methodology of horizontal participation in which all the involved (young, professional and volunteers) have the same level of participation contributing each their different expressive abilities, reason why it surpasses in the concept of disability Increases the visibility of the abilities of these young people by displaying through artistic products generated their artistic potential.

Objectives of the project:

General objectives:

Specific objectives of the sessions based on the content developed:

Training in the classroom:

The training is complemented by bibliography, texts, films, documentaries and the contribution of a guest professional.

Workshops in the classroom:


It proposes an active methodology that seeks the participation and involvement of the person. With a playful component that enhances the disinhibition and the generation of pleasant emotions like confidence, calm, joy, friendship, surprise, favoring the concentration and the taste for the participants' learning. A creative and project methodology, exploring and solving individual and team challenges, where it is essential to participate within the possibilities of each one. Interdisciplinary, careful with diversity, respecting individuality, promoting autonomy and integrating differences as complementary potentialities in the group.

Reflection dynamics are applied as the conclusion of the sessions. It is intended to make more significant the experience of internalization and critical capacity for their integration, learning and transference to their personal life.


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