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"Musical Creation Simbiose – from the playful to the pedagogical” (“Do Lixo de Faz Música”)


The construction and operation of unconventional instruments and sound objects designed for reuse of materials is easy, accessible and challenging. They can be percussed, agitated, played with different intensities and movements and serve to accompany dances and songs, sounding stories and plays, making games and playing games... It allows us to perceive the sounds in another way, it teaches us how to listen and to interact in groups, to intervene when requested, developing at the same time, the musical ear and the rhythmic sense. In a relaxed and well-arranged environment, this workshop aims to provide simple tools and processes to all those who wish to acquire other musical skills, perhaps more creative, in different artistic contexts. It should also be noted that "Do Lixo se Faz Música", besides the music and the environmental message for which we are all responsible, exalts values that must accompany us throughout life and that we must never stop sowing and promoting. And nothing better than the people with disabilities, in a genuine and spontaneous way, remind us that we should never stop dreaming, believing, sharing, valuing simple things, playing and fun and ... smiling. All this with a lot of Creativity…

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