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Online Communication

Audiovisual projects Fundación Ramón Rey Ardid

Online radio

During the year 2017, the radio activity continued with the live broadcast on radio. MAI of a program of 2 hours per week and a participation of 16 people with mental health problems in a stable way. In the group new members have been incorporated, which have been formed by the monitor and fellow class mates.

At the same time, work has been carried out on a project to raise awareness about learning with the "tiempos Modernos" High School, with the collaboration of the Guidance Department.

Social Media management: blogs and Facebook

The activity of Social Media management involves all the users and professionals of the centers, turning it into a collective where all the people of the center can contribute their writings. It also opens to external collaborations and to all the people who want to give us some content for its publication.

Posts are made with content about Social Club activities, the Day Center, Visions Space, etc. and contributions from relatives and other people close to the Foundation.

In Espacio Visiones, a workshop has been conducted that has been given by one of the users with extensive knowledge of the subject.

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