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Paint to feeling good

Painting SAPAME

The visual arts provide the possibility of connecting with colors, forms and these are in close relationship with the affective universe. From Sapame we propose this experience to incorporate it into our routine to generate a space of expression and exchange and thus promote not only the enjoyment but the establishment of new social networks, self-expression, self-esteem and the vehiculation of blocked emotions relieving stress.

To give a space, an hour, to make a space for creativity make us feeling good: we get together, we share, we talk, but above all we create.

We use  the multipurpose room of SAPAME and plastic materials: brushes, markers, waxes, magazines, acrylics, etc.

We do what we can think of (although we can also start from a proposal) regardless of the result, because everything that comes out of us is neither bad nor good, it came out and we gave it a space.

Therefore, if we manage to paint or draw spontaneously and get involved in the realization of a work, we can connect with the present moment.

When we create a work, our emotional and mental world is involved, the senses are integrated, favoring memory, perception and attention and all this has a positive effect on the way we think or feel.

"The Creative Expression Workshop means a lot to me, because in it, I learn to breathe slowly, and leave my problems and worries, outside the classroom. I also visualize past moments of my life, while, with closed eyes, I sniff several jars that contain cinnamon, coffee, lemon peel ... Therefore, I can express what I feel, with all freedom, in a drawing that belongs to me and that should not be good or bad, neither beautiful nor ugly, but mine "

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