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Point of View

Theater Együttható

The youth project 'Point of view' was implemented between May-December of 2012 in cooperation with Motiváció Alapítvány (Motivation Foudation) in the frame of Youth in Action Programme.

The aim of the program was to make the young people living with and without disabilities meet each other, to create a community with them while creating a theater performance together that was shown to public. During the eight months the group was taking parts in art-therapy and training activities that helped them being prepared for the performance. In the workshops they worked on their own play – topic: how they see theirselves in the current hungarian society-, they chose a director, wrote the script, shared the roles, and worked on promotion (created flyers, blog site and made flasmobs 2 times in the center of Budapest).

The program helped the young people to develop thier skills, e.g.  social competence, group work, tolerance and acceptance etc. and acquire new knowledge in playing theater.

The performance was held on 16th December, 2012 in a Cultural House in Budapest.

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