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Theater for Inclusion II.

Theater Együttható

The project “Theatre for Inclusion II.” was organized by TheaterCreators informal group of young people (background organisation is Együttható Egyesület)  in Milcoveni, Romania in summer of 2015 brought together for 8 days 60 youngsters from Hungary and Romania, 30 from each country. From both partner countries Roma, non-roma and disabled youngsters, aged between 14-18, took part in this project from Hungary and Romania.

This ten-day-youth exchange promoted inclusion and active participation of young people, because the proposed methodology (main method of theater) respected the principles of non-formal education. They learnt about others’ culture, but also how to meet, accept, share their respect towards other cultures and characters, to show an interest in cooperation and communication with young people from other European countries. At the same time they had the possibility to understand better inclusion and how this can influence they life.

The result of this project was a theater play presented to the people from the local communities in the cultural house in Milcoveni, which promoted inclusion, tolerance, understanding and cooperation between young people in the two countries, between different minority groups, used by puppet theater mezod. All the stories and tools were created by the participants.

At the same time as a result of this project we aspected that the 60 youngsters develop strong friendships which generate new projects in cooperation using different theater methods with the aim to promote inclusion of the Roma and other disadvantaged youngsters.

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