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Theater Workshops for young people with disabilities

Theater Együttható

In the frame of „ArtBilities – Everyone is an artist” project we organized workshops between February and June 2017 for young people living with and without disability. The used method was theater: the participants could experience several techniques, e.g. improvisation, activity about voice- and body consciousness,  playing different situations, story telling etc., that helped them to develop their skills (social competence, communication, confidence, expressivity etc.) and to learn how to behave in a group with people with different needs and backgrounds.

In the first part the main focus was on getting to know each other, to create a friendly and trustful atmosphere, where the participants could feel safe. Each workshop started with a n opening round and ended with a closing round, where the people could say how they felt, what happened with them, and gave feedback about the activities.

In the second part we started to use theater methods: We held activities how to feel and use their own bodies, how to feel and use the space around them, how to feel and use their voice; story telling: The participants prepared stories from their lives that were important for them and they presented them in front of the others; improvisation: after more activities, where the people could try themselves in different situations and developed their improvisation skills, they were put into each others’ stories and they presented them using improvisation. This activity was very useful to them to see their stories and with a new viewpoint.

In the third part the group prepared the theater presentations that was based on the participants’ stories. For a few workshops they prepared a script, made the cast – everyone played different people in the stories, and planned the background.  During the rehearsal they created the frame of the play and the order of the scenes, but the presentations was performed based on improvisation.

The worksops were taken place in Mozgásjavító Iskola (Special School for disabled students) and Motiváció Alapítvány (Motivation Foundation), the facilitators were experienced members and volunteers of our organisation.

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