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Music Fundación Ramón Rey Ardid

Initiative of users from Social Club of Ramón Rey Ardid Foundation and volunteers of mental health area.

The reality known by all of the small number of psychologists and psychiatrists in the field of public health, visits every 9 months and changes of professionals continuously, prevent a necessary line of action for the rehabilitation of people with mental disorder  it was decided to raise the voice in a dynamic, fun and visual way.

Users, professionals of the centre made a video where they sang and danced, claiming more professionals oriented to mental health in public health, with no age limit.

This video was presented to the Council of Youth of Zaragoza to spread throughout the city and publicize the current situation that they are living.




The realization of the video was created through team meetings once per week, a total of 20 people including users, volunteers and professionals (although not all appear in the video).

In these meetings, topics such as:



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