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Fundación Ramón Rey Ardid

Fundación Ramón Rey Ardid

Spain, Zaragoza

Fundación Ramón Rey Ardid

Fundación Ramón Rey Ardid (FRRA) is a non-profit organization that was created in 1991 to attend the need of people affected by mental illness. With more than 25 years of experience, the organization has grown and increased its social presence, working with other collectives (older people, migrants, young people in difficulty, etc.). At this very moment,) around 670 professionals are taking care of more than 5.000 people per year in the different areas of intervention.

The common denominator is vulnerability and social exclusion. It works for social and labour integration of groups at risk of exclusion, developing different actions:  training, empowerment, awareness, leisure and recreation, etc.

The main goals are to achieve full social integration, to cover their basic needs and to improve both their quality of life and their relatives. To achieve these goals FRRA has established diverse agreements with official bodies and private institutions to develop assistance, prevention, rehabilitation, socio-professional integration and training activities.

Volunteering develops a very important role inside the Foundation, participating actively in different areas as it develops a task of paramount importance for the inclusion of these groups.

At European level, FRRA participates for years in the Youth in Action Program and Erasmus+ Program through European Voluntary Service (sending and hosting volunteers) and it also has performed a youth initiative to promote young people's participation.

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